Kayak Experience at Ria Formosa in Algarve

If you’re looking to discover the globally protected area of Ria Formosa in a different and active way, this tour is for you. Get ready to participate in this fantastic group activity, kayak exploration at Ria Formosa, to explore the natural beauty of this magical region of the Algarve. Embark on a peaceful paddle through the calm waters of Ria Formosa and admire its unique landscapes. Ria Formosa is teeming with life and nature, where you can observe a huge biodiversity and abundant vegetation. This magnificent natural park spans across Loulé, Faro, Olhão, and Vila Real de Santo António. The park provides a habitat for hundreds of species, making it an extremely valuable and enchanting place! Before embarking on this adventure, you’ll receive a brief lesson on handling your kayak, starting a 2-hour kayak tour at Ria Formosa to explore the marshes of this spectacular nature reserve.

This is an exciting activity for your entire team, to partake in during your team retreat in Algarve. Accompanied by an instructor and guide, you’ll discover the immense abundance of fauna and flora and learn about the history and local activities of one of the most important protected areas in the Algarve. During this kayak ride at Ria Formosa, you’ll sail smoothly through the calm river waters and stop at one of its islets to take a break and admire the beauty of this site. After this exploration, you’ll return paddling and admire the stunning view of the old town of Faro. During your team retreat in Portugal, discover Ria Formosa by kayak, one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Portugal! You’ll navigate in your kayaks to explore the channels and estuaries teeming with wildlife. Put on your life jackets and fully live this experience at the heart of nature!

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