Discovering the enchanted caves by paddle in Algarve

Nature in Faro, Portugal, offers a picturesque scenery of brownish rock formations that meet the greenish-blue waters of the Atlantic. During your corporate retreat, we will discover caves, caverns, and arches by paddling on your stand-up paddleboard on the crystal-clear water. Explore the coastline and hidden caves of the southwestern Algarve from the unique viewpoint of a stand-up paddleboard, and discover places you would never see by boat. We will take you through the natural park to a paradisal secret beach for a grand stand-up paddle adventure in Faro. If you have never tried stand-up paddleboarding, you are in for a treat! Certified instructors will show you the basics and all safety techniques during a 15-minute land lesson.

All paddleboarding equipment is provided. Stand-up paddleboarding in Faro is suitable for all ages and experience levels. We start stand-up paddleboarding in Faro at a slow pace, practicing your (new) skills, pausing to admire the magnificent caves, rock formations, and take memorable photos of your team retreat. Visit hidden beaches and paddle into caves with turquoise waters. Watch birds above you and fish below. There are also some smaller caves you can explore by swimming! You’ll even have the chance to try cliff jumping for an adrenaline rush, or splash and swim if you prefer to take things easy.

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