What do we eat in Amsterdam?

The Dutch cuisine is worth exploring and provides an excellent reason to visit Amsterdam! This city offers numerous specialties primarily based on seafood but not exclusively. Amsterdam’s cuisine is often reduced to cheese, but it’s much more than that. This city has a wide variety of dining options that you can enjoy in trendy little corners or in other gourmet places. You’re in for a treat, there’s something for everyone! Some products are an integral part of Amsterdam’s heritage, like cheese (including gouda), herring… these are flagship products. However, you also have legendary dishes such as Patatje Oorlog (fries topped with mayonnaise, finely chopped onions, and a sauce), broodje haring (a sandwich made with raw herring), or the Stampot (a mash of potatoes and various vegetables served with a smoked and spiced sausage). These are varied dishes that you must absolutely try!

You will also find pastries that contribute to the fame of Dutch cuisine: the poffertjes. These are very thick mini-pancakes covered in powdered sugar or chocolate, eaten as dessert or a snack. It’s an institution there! Many Amsterdam restaurants are solely dedicated to these delicious pastries! You will also find Stroopwafel waffles, which literally means “syrup waffle” in Dutch. They consist of two pieces of waffle stuffed with caramel syrup. A delight! During your team retreat, also take the opportunity to discover the wide range of local beers. They pair perfectly with the different local culinary specialties. As you can see, Amsterdam’s gastronomy is full of treasures! There are numerous places where you can find all these products and dishes: Dutch breweries, cheese shops, Albert Cuyp Market (the most famous market in Amsterdam), coffee shops, and many more. This city promises a culinary journey that your taste buds will remember! We would be delighted to assist you in organizing your corporate trip to Amsterdam!

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