Visit to the Anne Frank Museum

Amsterdam is a city brimming with museums, each more famous than the last. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is one of these must-see museums. We have all read or heard about the famous “Diary of Anne Frank”. This diary, written by Anne as she recounted her daily life in hiding for over 2 years during World War II, along with her other notebooks, are part of the museum’s permanent exhibition.

During this emotionally rich visit, you will discover the story of this family torn apart by Nazism. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is a significant memorial site of World War II. It is located in the center of the capital, on the canal, at 267 Prinsengracht. This living space, or rather hiding place, where the Frank family members lived, has been transformed into a memory museum to allow its visitors to learn more about the living conditions of these people during this harsh period, but also about the war that caused millions of deaths.

You will discover the revolving bookcase that concealed the entrance to the annex, the parents’ bedroom, Anne’s bedroom, the living room, the kitchen as well as other rooms in the house. A guide will accompany you so you won’t miss any part of this heartrending story. This visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is a must during your corporate trip. This activity reminds us of the strong values within a family, which are also applicable to a team: mutual aid, trust, solidarity. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is a profoundly emotional activity to experience during your corporate trip!

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