The Unique Hotel: The Inntel Zaandam

We introduce you to an unusual hotel not far from Amsterdam, accurately situated in Zaandam. The distinctive hotel: The Inntel Zaandam, immerses you in the incredible Dutch universe. Why is it unusual? You cannot miss its uniqueness; it consists of a stack of nearly 70 facades of traditional houses found in the town of Zaandam. This building, absolutely extraordinary, was designed by architect Wilfried van Winden.

This is a completely atypical place that is out of the ordinary, and worth visiting during your team retreat, whether to sleep there or to simply admire this incredible architecture and multicolored facade (green, red, blue…). The Inntel Zaandam is a 4-star hotel where you can stay during your next team retreat in Amsterdam. It’s unique for its facade, but expect no less from the interior and the services offered. The rooms have the unique feature of having decor related to the local history of Zaandam and the country, illustrated by photos of these historic scenes. Thus, each room is unique and surprising. They, of course, come fully equipped for your comfort (leather armchairs and a flat-screen TV, robe, etc.).

Learn a bit more about the rich history of the region right from your room. Wilfried van Winden envisions the hotel as a temporary home, alluding to this transience with the stack of houses. Visually, the structure is built from a varied stack of almost seventy little individual houses, colored in four shades of the region of Zaan’s traditional green. The hotel is unique, familiar, and very original. It’s a concept that could only have been realized in Zaandam, yet at the same time, it transcends and rejuvenates the local tradition. The hotel also offers a wellness center with a pool for relaxation and rest, as well as a gym, and the “Puur Saen” restaurant, which serves excellent Dutch cuisine. Everything is brought together to introduce you to the country’s gastronomy. A real treat, you can take our word for it! A bar and a terrace are also there for you to have a good time and relax with colleagues. The distinctive hotel: The Inntel Zaandam is ready to welcome you during your team retreat for an extraordinary experience!

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