Discovering the Royal Coster Diamonds House in Amsterdam

Embark on an original and unique journey to the Royal Coster Diamonds in Amsterdam! We invite you to discover one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious diamond dealers during your corporate retreat in Amsterdam. The house was established in 1840. Many royals have come to Amsterdam to observe the craftsmanship of Royal Coster Diamonds. Thus, this venue has welcomed notable individuals such as Empress Sissi, the Viceroy of China, Prince Napoleon, and many more. You will be next! We will take you to visit the four villas of the Royal Coster Diamonds in Amsterdam. It boasts one of the largest collections of precious stones, among which are some of the most spectacular in the world.

We offer the accompaniment of a guide throughout the tour, who will tell you how Amsterdam became the city of diamonds. You will be immersed in this world and the stories of these precious stones throughout the visit. The guide will explain how diamonds are formed and polished. You will also have the chance to observe its master diamond cutters at work, thus, we will closely see the polishers and goldsmiths. To properly conclude the visit, you will receive a bag containing items that will help you enhance the diamonds and jewelry of your surroundings. This will allow you to continue the experience until you return home. It’s an extraordinary experience that you will share with your team! Enjoy this unique moment at the Royal Coster Diamonds in Amsterdam and uncover all the secrets of diamonds during your corporate trip!

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