Moroccan fish dishes to try

During your corporate retreat in Taghazout, take advantage of Morocco’s richness in fish and seafood to enjoy some of the masterpieces of Moroccan cuisine. Without further ado, we present to you 3 fish dishes from street food to fine dining! Sardines with chermoula: Moroccans are crazy about sardines! They prepare it in various ways, including stuffed fried varieties, meatballs in spicy tomato sauce, and grilled sardines. Sardines with chermoula are a delicious option you should try. Many diners have described this dish as a slightly spicy mix of flavors and textures. A popular dish in Moroccan cuisine that will delight your colleagues’ taste buds.

Stuffed calamari: For a more exotic and “chic” meal, look no further than calamari. Moroccan-style calamari is a must-try dish in Taghazout’s restaurants, and visitors will find it in abundance. Calamari can be prepared in different ways, and the various regions will probably have their own variations, but the one you will taste in Taghazout remains unbeatable. Fish pastilla: The pastilla is one of the most delicious dishes in Moroccan haute cuisine. Moreover, pastilla is not only available as a pastry or pie with chicken and almonds, several sweet and savory versions exist. Gourmets can also enjoy this delightful seafood and fish version during your corporate retreat in Taghazout.

In Taghazout, don’t be fooled by the usual tagine, kefta, couscous, and méchoui, do as the Moroccans do, by the sea, they eat fish and seafood. There are many tasty variations of these dishes that will leave your entire team more than satisfied. If you are planning a corporate trip to Morocco, keep your options open and your stomach empty… Moroccan cuisine is worth the wait!

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