Hiking in Paradise Valley in Taghazout

We will start our hike from Taghazout to the natural lakes of Paradise Valley, and we will explore the honey road of Immouzzer and the Atlas Mountains. We will travel through Paradise Valley to see the small streams, the mountain gorges and the waterfalls in picturesque villages. Paradise Valley is an oasis of cool natural pools surrounded by palm trees and breathtaking mountains, ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, and cliff jumping… Depending on our itinerary, crossing the entire landscape can take up to four or five hours. However, we can reach the first waterfall and rock pools in an hour, swim and unwind. We will visit shepherds, sheep, goats, and argan trees and then delve into the heart of the High Atlas Mountains to observe the caves that served as a refuge for nomads who crossed the oasis with their caravans.

We will also observe the fauna and flora of this valley and walk towards the waterfalls through a palm grove to reach the turquoise water pools and enjoy a moment of tranquility. Your team will be introduced to the natural sanctuary of Paradise Valley by one of our skilled tour guides, who will provide you with new insights into Morocco, nature, and your personal experience. Paradise Valley, located about 20 kilometers north of Agadir, is one of the most popular excursions for those staying in Taghazout. It’s a rare experience for most of us to engage in an entirely natural environment. The entire activity aims to help team members interact with each other and to build trust. Problem-solving skills are also required to navigate the small challenges that arise when following a complex path. Finally, the beautiful views and the refreshing waters of the rock pools under the Moroccan sun make hiking in Paradise Valley at Taghazout a must-do activity during your team retreat in Morocco.

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