The best Instagram spots in Marrakech

With its colorful corners, symmetric architecture, and lively atmosphere, Marrakech is not only a destination full of exciting possibilities, but also one of the most Instagrammable! To create unforgettable memories of your team retreat in Morocco, discover all the best Instagram spots in Marrakech, including the scenic places, the most photogenic souk shops and the most beautiful hotels. Here is our selection of the best Instagram spots in Marrakech.

The Majorelle Garden

This magnificent Moroccan botanical garden was designed through the eye of an artist, Jacques Majorelle, before becoming the property of the famous fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. The lovely garden spans almost an acre and is complemented by a stunning villa. The villa’s bright blue with yellow windows makes it an ideal Instagram spot for your photos of a team retreat in Marrakech. The rest of the garden, with its many cactus plants and exotic flowers, is equally photogenic.

The Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque is situated at the heart of the old Medina and forms the central point of the site. It has a 75-meter-high tower dating back to the 12th century. This amazing structure can serve as a focal point for any photograph. To get a good photo of the tower, go to Lalla Hasna park next to The Koutoubia. It’s the best place to view the magnificent keyhole arches that adorn the minaret.

The El Badi Palace

The El Badi Palace was once a lavishly decorated palace, but as very little remains of the original palace today, the gardens are now the main attraction. The gardens are centered around a body of water and are sprinkled with orange trees. They are surrounded by a high wall from the XVI century, offering an ideal backdrop for your Instagram photos from a team retreat in Marrakech.

The Bahia Palace

The beautiful Bahia Palace is located in the heart of Marrakech and covers an area of two hectares. There are over 150 rooms to explore, each with its own Moroccan-style charm. The photographic opportunities are truly unlimited. However, the main photographic attraction is the main courtyard, making this monument one of the best Instagram spots in Marrakech. It is adorned with gorgeous patterns and punctuated by two water fountains that have become quite well known in the Instagram traveler community.

The Souks and Bazaars

The souks are the bustling heart of Marrakech and the city’s main market. The bazaars sell everything from scarves and spices to ceramic plates, Moroccan rugs, spices, and artisanal glassware lamps. Each shop is unique and their vibrant storefronts provide the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post, brightening up your feed.

The Agafay Desert Campsites

If you are lucky enough to visit Agafay during your team retreat in Morocco, you’re in for one of the best Instagram spots in Marrakech. The Moroccan tent camp, along with the stunning scenery it comes with, offers plenty of photo opportunities. The desert surrounding the camp is just as gorgeous, so take a camel ride or a quad bike tour to explore its splendor and capture photos with your colleagues.

The Riads in the Medina

These little gems are not only a pleasant place to stay, but they also feature beautiful gardens and outdoor pools surrounded by palm trees. The walls are adorned with zellige of all colors and the rooms are carefully decorated in Moroccan style. Each Riad is unique, but they all have one thing in common, they could all be considered the best Instagram spots in Marrakech.