Marrakech of Laughter for better and for laughs

Conceived from the thought of Jamel Debbouze and his brother Karim, since 2011 the Marrakech du Rire has been competing with the biggest French-speaking comedy festivals, and today it can proudly say that it plays in the big leagues. The Marrakech du Rire has established itself as the international comedy festival that brings together personalities from the worlds of cinema, broadcasting, music, and sports… Each year, the month of June in the ochre city is synonymous with laughter, a week filled with parades, shows, one-man-shows, exhibitions, and screenings, a mix of humor, dance, and music to offer an unprecedented show and to reveal the talents of each artist who performs on its stage.

The majestic El Badii Palace then transforms into a magnificent open-air theater that can accommodate more than 250,000 spectators from all over the world to attend the numerous shows of the greatest comedians, but also to discover young talents from Morocco, French-speaking Europe, Canada, and French-speaking Africa. Thanks to television broadcasts, the festival is also known internationally, reaching tens of millions of viewers worldwide.

The Marrakech du Rire features 100 invited artists, 5 days of celebration, shows spread across 6 exceptional sites, bringing together 90,000 festival-goers and generating an audience of 70 million around the world, and each year “Jamel and his friends” promise us a magical sketch, a revelation or a burst of laughter! Moreover, the festival also has a charitable goal thanks to the “Charity Football Game”, this match gathers international football stars who play against the festival’s performers in a great atmosphere to raise donations that are given to child aid organizations…