Souk Express in the Medina in Marrakesh

Discover the medina of Marrakech during an original and unique team building activity for your team retreat in Morocco! Throughout this competitive activity, participants will face a number of situations in which they will have to make group decisions and reach a consensus on actions that will impact their final outcome. The express souk in the medina of Marrakech will allow you to connect teams from different departments, to boost motivation, to improve communication and collaboration, and above all, to have a good time among colleagues, all within a folkloric and unusual setting… The concept of the souk express is simple, after forming teams using turbans of different colors that participants will wear on their heads like Tuaregs (desert inhabitants).

The organizer will give each team an envelope with dirhams and a list of items they must purchase after tough negotiations with the tough merchants of the souk. The suspense is guaranteed until the end: The challenges will be kept secret until the launch of the souk challenge in the medina of Marrakech! The express souk in the medina of Marrakech is an excellent experience exercise for people involved in sales, contract creation, commercial business agreements, or setting up price and supply agreements. The activity allows participants to familiarize themselves with the negotiation process and the specific phases that must be accomplished to reach an agreement. Discovery and fun will also be part of the experience!