Hot air balloon flight over Marrakech in Marrakesh

Your sunrise hot air balloon flight over the valleys and hills of the desert, as light casts hues of yellow, orange, and pink, will begin early in the morning with a 4x4 pickup to the launch site. We will behold the sun rise over the red dust of the Marrakech desert, the palm groves, and the majestic landscapes from a hot air balloon.

With your group of colleagues and live commentary from your experienced pilot, we will admire the landscape soaring through the air, then refuel with an authentic Berber breakfast under a Moroccan tent. It will be possible to take off from the Palmeraie of Marrakech, or from the Agafay Desert. The sunrise hot air balloon flight in Marrakech is a unique and exotic experience with breath-taking views over the Berber villages, desert oases, deep valleys, and the imposing mountains of the High Atlas. The varied colors of the landscape will leave you speechless. This memorable activity is even more enriching when accompanied by friends and work colleagues. When the group is large enough, it gathers several balloons that take off and fly together. The experience is more intense this way, and we can enjoy an incredible visual spectacle. The hot air balloon flight in Marrakech is an activity that instantly creates a bond among passengers, those who were previously strangers now form a single united front. This is one of the reasons why this adventure is an excellent team-building exercise. Laughter is shared, as are emotions and discoveries.