When is the best time to go to Malta for a corporate retreat?

Malta is the perfect destination for a corporate retreat, indeed with only a 3-hour flight from Paris, this destination is often selected because it offers complete change of scenery and absolute charm: These 2 necessary ingredients will surely make your team retreat in Malta a success. But when to go to Malta for a corporate retreat remains the question when considering it! Malta’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with very hot summers. In July and August, the temperature often exceeds 30 °C. but it is made more bearable by a pleasant sea breeze. The sirocco, on the other hand, sometimes brings the scorching air of the Sahara.

The summer months are enlivened by several festivals, such as the Malta International Arts Festival and the Malta Jazz Festival. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to stay in the archipelago. In September, Our Lady of Victories (8 September) is celebrated, which results in a large regatta in Grand Harbour, and Independence Day (20 September).• Maltese winters are quite mild. From time to time, a shower may cut through the day, but the rain is often short-lived and the sky quickly regains its characteristic azure blue. After answering the question of When to go to Malta for a corporate trip, here are some must-see places to visit during your stay! The visit to the fortified city of Valletta: Lamartine had fallen in love with this city which seemed to him “to be sculpted from the living rock”. Saint John’s Co-Cathedral: The main church of Malta, a masterpiece of Baroque art. The Three Cities: Undoubtedly the best-preserved of the Three Cities, Vittoriosa is a medieval town that offers from its ramparts a magnificent view over the Grand Harbour.

The Tarxien Temples and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum: South of the Three Cities, these two prehistoric sites are extraordinarily well-preserved. The island of Gozo: A getaway to the island is an opportunity to discover impressive megalithic remains, the Ggantija temples.   As you can well understand, Malta is the ideal destination for a corporate retreat with its mild climate, Malta enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, so the question of When to go to Malta for a corporate retreat doesn’t even arise.

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