What to eat in Malta during your corporate retreat?

Maltese cuisine draws its roots from its past under Arab dominion from 870 to 1091, and then under British rule from 1800 to 1967. The Italian influence is linked to the proximity of the Maltese island to its neighboring Italian island: Sicily! Maltese cuisine is a subtle mix of flavors with Mediterranean roots inspired by the dishes and foods of the various peoples who have occupied the island. There are similarities between Maltese dishes and their equivalents in Italy or North Africa - a very interesting combination to discover! The use of fresh and seasonal products is also part of the characteristics of this Mediterranean cuisine that you will certainly love! If you are wondering what to eat in Malta during your corporate retreat, here is a selection of typically Maltese dishes that will mark your taste buds! Pastizzi and Qassatat Pastizzi and Qassatat are two typical Maltese specialties. Pastizzi, which are small diamond-shaped pastries filled with ricotta or mashed peas, can be found at every street corner in what are called pastizzerias, small kiosks that offer only takeaway dishes and snacks. The other specialty sold at these stalls is the qassatt ta ‘l’irkotta: a cheese tart filled with ricotta served hot or cold (you can also find it with peas or spinach).

Maltese and Gozitan Ftira The Ftira, the traditional bread of Malta, is round and baked in a wood oven. This delicious snack can be found in many snack bars as a tuna and onion sandwich. It’s definitely one of the most typical snacks you’ll find on this small island! Perfect when it’s time to prepare your picnic basket for a beach lunch, or when you’re a bit peckish and looking for what to eat in Malta during your corporate retreat between activities. Timpana Timpana is a type of pie made of macaroni, cheese, and minced meat in a bolognese sauce. It can be served as a starter or a main course. You’ll find timpana in all pastizzerias for a really affordable price! Ravjul The proximity to Italy has influenced Maltese cuisine. Pastas and pizzas are among the most popular dishes in all restaurants, as well as many local pasta dishes like ravioli - homemade pasta filled with eggs, ricotta, and parsley - served with a tomato and basil sauce. Ravioli can also be stuffed with goat cheese from the neighboring island of Gozo.

Bragioli Along with fenkata, bragioli is an emblematic dish of Maltese cuisine. It consists of beef rolls cooked with bacon, a hard-boiled egg, garlic, and parsley. The meat is then sautéed in olive oil with a tomato sauce and red wine; very popular among the locals. Generally served with vegetables or potatoes to accompany it… We end our list of “What to eat in Malta during your corporate retreat” with something sweet to ease your taste buds! with the Kannoli ta’l-irkotta: This Maltese delicacy is originally from Malta. It is filled with ricotta and either candied fruits or chocolate chips. The kannoli must be eaten as soon as it is prepared, otherwise, the crispiness of the small buns disappears and the ricotta inside turns into a dense paste. Among other Maltese sweets, we have nougat, almond tarts, or macarons that are perfect to accompany coffee or tea.   And to conclude our selection, here are the Qagħaq tal-għasel: It’s a circular ring-shaped biscuit containing molasses and cocoa. These biscuits are traditionally associated with Christmas but can be enjoyed all year round.

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