The Top Instagram Spots in Malta

We’re taking you to Malta! It’s the perfect place for your corporate retreat, with its numerous historical sites and breathtaking landscapes. There’s so much to explore in Malta: Unique moments to share with your team during your corporate retreat in Malta. You’ve probably seen stunning photos of this island on various social media platforms! So, get your smartphones and selfie sticks ready! We’re taking you to a 100% Instagrammable destination for a colorful and emotional corporate retreat in Malta! Today, we’ve selected for you 10 amazing spots to discover Malta and fill your Instagram feed with beautiful photos! The Maltese doors! If you visit Malta, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the presence of bright colors, a real treat for the eyes! It could be boats, balconies, or even benches - everything is colorful! You can easily find a beautiful Maltese door to take some Instagram-worthy photos in front of, like those found in the silent city of Mdina, for example! St Peter’s Pool The natural pool at St Peter is located in a small bay on the Delimara peninsula. It will certainly delight your colleagues during your corporate retreat in Malta. This natural pool is a true natural wonder, with its crystal-clear waters, turquoise and golden reflections thanks to the sun’s rays… This little piece of paradise has everything to amaze you!

Valletta! The quaint capital of the Maltese island, is a must-see! This fortified city, built in the 1500s by the Knights of Saint John, is worth the visit. With its various spots offering breathtaking views of the sea, remember to bring your camera to capture these unique moments with your colleagues during your corporate retreat in Malta! And if you’re looking for the spot that will charm you, it’s undoubtedly the intersection between St Lucy and Paul streets! For historic monuments, be sure to visit the Castille Inn - rebuilt in the 18th century - love at first sight guaranteed. Marsaxlokk! If you’re looking for a postcard-worthy scenery, look no further because Marsaxlokk is Malta’s largest fishing port with vivid colors and turquoise waters! If you visit, don’t miss its fish market. Marsaskala is a popular destination for the Maltese, with a variety of restaurants and a mesmerizing waterfront. Don’t miss out on a walk along the bay! The island of Gozo! Much smaller than Malta, Gozo is renowned for its warm hospitality, fantastic beaches such as Ramla Bay, and its must-see cliffs. The two megalithic temples located at Ggantija are an important part of the island’s cultural heritage that we won’t let you miss during your corporate retreat in Malta! Meet the local artisans who will be delighted to show you their crafts and creations.

Paradise Bay It’s a little paradise on Earth. The crystal-clear waters, perfect for diving, and loungers for relaxing make this place an idyllic location. When you go swimming, there’s also a canoe available to take you further if you’re up for an adventure of course! Paradise Bay is also famous for being the best spot for a summer party! Are you ready to party with your colleagues during your corporate retreat in Malta? Ruined Temple of Ggantija! The temple site of Ggantija is a must-visit! It has an incredible history, rooted in its 3000-year-old inscriptions. The mysterious stones with their engravings are truly amazing! Popeye’s Village Are you looking for a village that looks like a movie set? Head to Popeye’s Village in Anchor Bay, Malta! Built for the filming of Robert Altman’s Popeye movie, this picturesque location consists of wooden houses. It’s an unusual and unmissable attraction. What an unusual place to take photos and immortalize this moment among colleagues! Cafe del Mar This place is a must-visit for Instagrammers! You can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening in this festive pool atmosphere. On the agenda: swimming, sunbathing, cocktails, and music! The view of Mare Nostrum (the Mediterranean Sea) and Saint Paul’s Island are incredible, and we will not fail to suggest visiting it for a relaxing day or for an aperitif and a festive evening to make an impression!

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