Segway in Dingli à Valletta

Here’s a unique and original way to discover Malta through a Segway tour in Dingli! A unique experience to share with your colleagues. Hop on your Segway and set out to explore the landscapes of the hinterland, the hidden treasures, and many other Maltese jewels! Follow your guide and marvel at the many little villages nestled in the mountains, passing by Malta’s historical sites: An essential incentive activity to discover the Maltese island at your own pace. Picturesque cliffs and the sea stretching as far as the eye can see will be your backdrop during your Segway tour in Dingli! Breathtaking landscapes and magical moments that will only strengthen the bonds of your colleagues by sharing this unique experience in Malta. Immerse yourself in the stunning views of the entire island from Laferla Cross and the Dingli Cliffs. A dynamic Segway tour during which you can explore the Dingli region, the highest point in Malta.

Explore the archeological natural sites that have made Malta famous during the era of the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians. A perfectly suited incentive activity for your corporate retreat in Malta to discover the history and Maltese culture with your colleagues in a way different from a simple walking tour. Learn even more about Malta’s history by visiting the Phoenician and Carthaginian tombs that were used by the Romans in 218 BC during their occupation of the Maltese islands. Your Segway tour in Dingli is ideal for your stay in Malta, where you and your colleagues will share moments of joy, adventure all while discovering Maltese nature and culture!

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