Beach Olympics à Valletta

Nothing beats a team Building around the Olympics on the beach in Malta to strengthen team spirit and bring your employees together in good spirits, under the Maltese sun! On the agenda: competition, good humor, and above all lots of laughter, nothing better to ensure the success of your team building activity in Malta. Your sporting and fun activity takes place on the beach in Malta against the enchanting backdrops of the island. After getting into comfortable attire for your sporting activity, applying sunscreen, we meet you on the sands of Malta all together to listen to the instructions and rules of the game. Once the teams are distributed, we start our Olympics on the beach with a warm-up in good spirits. Then you will light your own Olympic flame for a symbolic ceremony, and then we start the games!

Let’s go for the different sports events: Relay races, Obstacle courses, balance tests, and many other original games during which you will confront the other teams. An opportunity to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each. A perfect team building to allow your employees to put their qualities and skills into practice. Each team must devise its best strategy and ensure effective communication among its members to succeed in the event. The Olympics on the beach in Malta include various tests with different skill aspects: Coordination & agility, Patience and ingenuity, Speed and endurance, Decision making and stress management, Strategy and cohesion. Encourage one another to succeed together in the missions assigned to you during the Olympic events on the beach, all in good spirits and friendliness to better get to know each other and work together in the same direction. We will not fail to immortalize this unique team building of the Olympics on the beach in Malta with your employees. Photos that will mark this moment of unity and remind you of the magic of the moment.

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