Discover Riga in Latvia on a corporate retreat for team building.

Riga, which is home to Europe’s largest food market, the oldest zoo, and the most beautiful collection of Art Nouveau buildings, is a city with many facets.


Its urban center is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is full of architectural treasures. On either side of the Daugava River, there is much to explore, including top-notch restaurants and lively creative districts.


What are you waiting for to discover this extraordinary destination during a vibrant corporate retreat!

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Corporate Retreat in Latvia, an Event of Culture and History

Latvia stands out from other Baltic countries due to its rich, complex, and turbulent history. Indeed, before gaining independence, this country was under the rule of several other major countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Russia. The successive influence of these countries has thus made Latvia a multicultural country while it, at the same time, managed to preserve its own culture. Throughout your visit to this Baltic country, it would thus be impossible not to feel and observe this identity that is situated between independence and multiculturalism. Among the spots to visit in Latvia, there is, first of all, Riga, the capital which itself is the cultural center of the country. Indeed, by walking through the streets of this capital, you will be immediately dazzled by its strong personality as well as its cultural richness that you cannot find in other cities around the world. The capital of Latvia is especially famous for its Gothic cathedrals as well as its Art Nouveau buildings. It also houses several other buildings with Baroque, medieval, or even Soviet architectural styles. After touring the heart of the capital, head now to sites that are always inseparable from Latvia’s history. Among them, there is Turaida which is famous for its brick castle and one of the oldest wooden churches. Then, head to the town of Cesis which houses the Wenden castle as well as a museum that traces the entire history of the country. Lastly, for those who want to discover castles, we suggest a walk in Rundale castle. With its museum, its large park, and its 138 rooms, this castle has nothing to envy the Palace of Versailles. There is also Sigulda castle to visit which, after being restored, now presents a most magnificent appearance.

Corporate Retreat in Latvia, Enjoy the Beauty of the Latvian Landscape

Besides a rich history and culture, Latvia is also a country where nature dominates. The Latvian environment is, indeed, mostly made up of peat bogs, marshes, and forests. In this country, you can also visit a good number of natural parks, national parks, marine areas, and small reserves. Among the most famous national parks, there is Gauja National Park which is one of the oldest Latvian parks, but also the largest park within the Baltic territory. Besides its verdant landscape and peaceful atmosphere, this park has the particularity of hiding more than 500 national monuments. Between the museums, churches, mills as well as architectural and archaeological monuments housed there, it is entirely normal that Gauja National Park is qualified both as cultural heritage and the green lung of the country. Another natural spot not to miss is Kemeri National Park. A place conducive to hiking, this park boasts a fauna and flora as rich as they are impressive. Between the pines, the dozens of varieties of bird species, and its clear pools, visiting this park is well worth the detour. Furthermore, in this park, the sunrise and sunset create a unique spectacle not to be missed under any circumstances. For those who wish to spend a moment of relaxation in the country’s waters, you can opt for a swim in Razna Lake. Latvia’s second-largest lake is a place that invites relaxation in all its forms: swimming, chilling on the lakeside, or water sports with colleagues. The fresh air is also guaranteed. For those who wish to enjoy the salty and marine air, we recommend visiting the city of Liepaja which has several beautiful beaches. On these beaches, you can also attend festivals that show the festive atmosphere of the locals. You can also stroll along the coastline of Courland which meets the Baltic Sea. Finally, conclude your visit to Latvia by stopping at one of the seaside resorts, which is Ventspils. If this Baltic Sea town is known for its artistic and contemporary side thanks to its sculptures and its 13th-century castle, it is also famous for its sporty side. Indeed, on-site, you can indulge in a whole range of sporting activities such as football, basketball, ice skating, or skateboarding.

Corporate Retreat in Latvia: an Effective Way to Boost Your Team’s Motivation

Organizing a corporate retreat in Latvia is an innovative idea to improve team spirit and productivity of your colleagues. To achieve your goal, do not hesitate to seek assistance from our agency Thanks to our 20 years of experience and expertise, you can enjoy the various advantages offered by this country.

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