Food tour "Mangiar bene" in Tuscany en Tuscany

Experience the pure Italian experience where “mangiar bene” (eating well) is at the heart of the Italian daily life! We cannot offer you a team retreat in Italy without taking you to explore Italian culinary culture, during an incentive activity or a team building among colleagues. We invite you to discover, depending on the chosen itinerary, the various Tuscan culinary and gastronomic specialties such as Oils, different wines, truffles and many other culinary delights. Also discover cheese, charcuterie, bacon, and tasty artisan desserts. Try the Mortadella of Camaiore, also called sbrisolona, a pork mortadella from Camaiore, which is a typical salami from the Versilia region. Indeed, this type of activity is highly appreciated by our clients as it creates a true moment of sharing around Food, and we all know that these moments remain etched in our gustatory memory and that’s what will create the common bond among your colleagues. During our Food tour in Tuscany, you will share with your colleagues a unique culinary experience, and experience a flavor explosion during a gustatory itinerary where you will have the opportunity to discover a tasty and enchanting Mediterranean cuisine! Taste the Vin Santo del Chianti PDO: This delicious grape wine known in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, and Siena. Wine is the true symbol of Tuscan hospitality: Each family is known for having its own secret recipe, which makes each wine unique! A Food tour in Tuscany that combines the discovery of strong flavors as well as mild flavors. Taste the Pecorino of Versilia: this pecorino cheese from Versilia produced with white sheep’s milk, will make you discover a unique scent of grass! The aging of this cheese is very delicate as it generally does not last more than 20 days. Also discover the grated pecorino cheese, which, unlike the previous one, is aged for up to a year and that’s what gives this cheese a more pungent taste! We cannot end a Food tour without leaving a note of sweetness on the palate with a tasting of the famous Tuscan Cantuccini: They are part of those famous sweets known from Tuscany. An inimitable scent will transport you, discover their delicious aroma of almonds, sugar, butter, honey, eggs, and flour. And nothing is better than a note of freshness to end your culinary activity among colleagues in Tuscany with the discovery of different flavors of Gelato from Florence!

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