Escape game on the secrets of the Medici family en Tuscany

An Escape game on the secrets of the Medici family immerses you in the Renaissance era, where intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracies were the rhythm of life for the wealthy and powerful Tuscan families! Embark on the discovery of the secrets of the incredible stories of the famous Medici family and the conspiracies that befell its members during an Escape game on the Medici family’s secrets. Once your teams are formed and equipped with a road book, dive into the heart of the investigation, and solve the various puzzles that come your way to thwart the conspiracies against the Medici! The team building takes place in the heart of Florence, uncovering incredible stories about the Medici family and their enemies of the time.

These unravel as you progress through the game, and learn more about the Medici-Riccardi Palace, the Piazza della Signoria, the Ponte Vecchio, … etc. Uncover the well-guarded secrets of the Renaissance era, those secrets that have fascinated many and have made the Medici clan world-renowned! An investigation among colleagues that will awaken curiosity in everyone, through the clues that will lead your team from one location to another in the city. From one puzzle to another, thwart the conspiracy that is brewing: The Pazzi Conspiracy! This plot aimed at the time to assassinate the two Medici brothers: Lorenzo de’ Medici, nicknamed the Magnificent, who embodied the grandeur of Florence and made the Tuscan city shine, and his brother Giuliano! The events take place on a Easter Sunday as all Florentines flock to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del FioreA historical and unusual team building activity in Florence!

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