Discovering the Chianti region and its wines! en Tuscany

We offer to take you to the discovery of Tuscany and more precisely the Chianti Region, located between Florence and Siena. An incentive that will delight your employees during your offsite in Tuscany! Just mentioning Tuscany transports us to the gentleness of a region that makes us all dream… Dive into the medieval past of a magnificent destination, through historical monuments witnessing a glorious era! Admire the small villages perched in the mountains and many other treasures that we will be pleased to help you discover. Tuscany first brings to mind Florence, Siena, the famous Tower of Pisa, and the empire of the Medici family, but the region is also a world-renowned Italian gastronomic reference!

Indeed, everyone knows the famous “Chianti” wine produced in the region for centuries, delighting Italian wine enthusiasts! Offer your colleagues the chance to discover one of the most famous Italian wines: Chianti, which is the epitome of the Italian Dolce Vita but not the only one! Indeed, during this offsite, you will have the opportunity to learn more about this delicious drink of which several varieties exist, each more flavorful than the last! Our incentive activity in Tuscany begins with a visit to a castle in the Chianti region. The residence is surrounded by its endless vineyards as far as the eye can see! You will be transported to an idyllic and unique setting, as only Italy can offer to its visitors. Discover the Chianti Classico, this wine protected by the DOP quality label (Denominazione di origine protetta) and produced in the small Chianti region since the 12th century. The region’s inhabitants owe the global popularity of their wines to the popes who participated in exporting them and making this marvel known to wine enthusiasts around the world, to the point of becoming an Italian reference. Learn more about the methods of vine harvesting and the production techniques that have evolved over time, but have always managed to maintain the authenticity and traditional, family aspect of this wine, which is the pride of the Chianti region’s residents. After discovering the cultural and historical aspect of our offsite, we get down to business: THE TASTING! A taste explosion that will impress your colleagues, a floral flavor that will transport you, aromas of violets and then red fruits that will revive your taste buds. Our incentive activity of discovering the Chianti region and wine tasting is a unique experience and a must-do for your team retreat in Italy. This activity creates a real bond between your employees, a true moment of sharing and coming together around a unique discovery of the colors and flavors of Chianti!

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Discovering the Chianti region and its wines! Explore all activities
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