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Sicily is a cultural destination with historical sites such as the temples of Agrigento or the Roman theater of Taormina, a natural destination with its volcanoes (Etna, Stromboli, and Vulcano), its islands, and its beaches which are magnificent natural reserves like Zingaro, but above all, it is a gastronomic destination par excellence with its various culinary specialties such as the Sicilian Cassata, Arancinos, Granita con Brioche, Cannoli with Ricotta, and many other delights! ???? In Italy, false modesty is not customary. But putting all regional pride aside, everyone agrees that Sicilian gastronomy has been the most perfect expression of Italian cuisine. We invite you on a culinary journey that will transport you into a world of taste and olfactory discoveries that will make your corporate retreat in Sicily a true moment of sharing and a unique experience. Sicilian appetizers are so elaborate that they could even replace main courses, like the caponata. This traditional dish is made of eggplants, onions, tomatoes, celery, green olives, and capers. Sicilian cuisine honors sun vegetables, which make up the majority of these dishes and enhance the taste of different ingredients. The starters and dishes of Sicilian cuisine are a subtle mix of land and sea products. Among the typical dishes of Sicily, we mention the Pasta alla Norma, this Italian pasta dish made with eggplants combined with tomatoes, peppers, and onions, accompanied by a fish or meat sauce. Discover Sicilian specialties based on fresh fish such as couscous or the pasta con sarde (pasta with sardines) and visit the typical fish markets of Palermo to enjoy an abundance of seafood. Desserts are the crowning of the Sicilian tradition: La cassata, this Sicilian specialty made of ricotta soaked in a sweet wine syrup. The Cannoli, these tubes of crispy pastry filled with a sweet and creamy filling generally made of ricotta. The Marzipan, this almond paste mixed with sugar until it becomes stiff and then sculpted into shapes, The Granitas with brioche: This refreshment made of water ice mixed with flavors such as Lemon, Basil, Almonds, Coffee, Chocolate, Peach, and many other flavors accompanied by the classic round and soft Sicilian brioche topped with the so-called “tuppu” (a bun ball). Hasn’t all this made your mouth water? We are sure you are already looking for your ticket for your next gourmet getaway in Sicily! No need to worry about the organization, we take care of everything and leave you only to prepare for a unique experience with your colleagues. Come on! We’re meeting in Sicily for your next corporate retreat in Sicily!

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