Noto, a playground for Baroque architects!

Noto is one of the most important Baroque cities in Sicily, Italy. Located in Southeastern Sicily, its unique Baroque architectural style gives it an inimitable charm. This has earned it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list! An offsite in Noto, Sicily, is an unforgettable journey. During your stay in Noto, be sure not to miss Caffé Sicilia (1892), meet Corrado Assenza, who was featured in the Netflix Chef’s Table documentary. An old-fashioned café that is part of the local heritage. You will taste the best Sicilian pastry specialties you’re not soon to forget! Like the Cassata Siciliana. This cake is made of ricotta, sponge cake, marzipan, and sugar icing, you will also have the chance to refresh yourself with their fabulous Gelato! A real treat that will delight your taste buds and will surely be memorized in your gustatory memory! Historically, Noto Antica was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1693, the city was rebuilt 15 km from the disaster site. Therefore, architects completely redesigned the city and favored the Baroque style during the reconstruction. During your corporate trip to Noto in Sicily, you will discover the work of architects Giuseppe Lanza, duke of Camastra, Rosario Gagliardi, and Vincenzo Sinatra who took charge of rebuilding the new city on the Meti hill. They chose a sunnier location with wide parallel streets that divide Noto into two symmetrical parts corresponding to Noto administrative, political, and religious and Noto residential. The result is impressive: a perfect harmony of squares, play on perspectives,… Along the slopes, the main churches, the most important convents, majestic palaces, prestigious aristocratic residences, built in yellow limestone that flares up and becomes golden when the sun reaches its zenith, were constructed. You can visit many famous buildings such as the San Domenico church, the cathedral, and the Villadorata palace while walking through beautiful streets with splendid squares and stairs. Here, no cars, you can explore the entire city on foot, a real journey through time. Enjoy this calm to admire the architecture and especially all the decorations of the balconies and portals. They are filled with chimeras, griffins, mermaids, lions, or even demons! Upon leaving, do not forget to stop by the Palazzo Nicolaci di Villa dorata at Corrado Nicolaci for his fabulous ornamental bestiary. So, shall we meet in Noto, Sicily, for your next team retreat?

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