Stand-up paddleboarding on the coast of Syracuse en Sicily

Experience a 100% refreshing experience! This activity is perfect for you! We offer an activity that combines sports, fun, and adventure: Discover the coast of Syracuse on a Stand-up paddleboard! A unique experience during your team retreat in Sicily. Regardless of your experience level, this activity can be tailored to everyone’s pace. Our activity begins at the small port of Syracuse. After putting on your wetsuits and listening to instructions from our guides and instructors, you’ll try to balance on the board. Whether standing or kneeling is up to you; what’s important is that you feel comfortable starting your journey to discover the breathtaking Sicilian landscapes. We will explore the surroundings of Syracuse and admire the many hidden treasures that the instructors will be delighted to show us.

Share this unique team building experience with your colleagues that will only strengthen the bonds among you. Let the activity’s rhythm carry you and take the opportunity to marvel at the wonders around you. From your board, catch a glimpse of the Maniace castle, the magnificent citadel that has been watching over the city for centuries. We will then go on to explore the island of Ortygia, where the historic center of Syracuse is located. The narrow Darsena canal separates Ortygia from the rest of the city of Syracuse. We will then move on to the limestone caves of the island, where natural wonders are hidden, such as the “Grotto of Love,” which is heart-shaped! We invite you to discover the various unique rock formations inside and around the caves. This unique Stand-up paddleboarding experience on the coast of Syracuse is the perfect opportunity to discover the natural wonders of the Sicilian region. It’s also an ideal occasion to share with your colleagues during your team retreat in Sicily, an unforgettable moment that combines Sport, culture, and discovery all in a joyful and fun atmosphere!

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