Discovering Sicilian wines en Sicily

It’s impossible to visit Sicily without tasting its famous wines, which have earned worldwide recognition as the quintessential Italian culinary destination! For this, we’re offering an incentive activity that will provide your colleagues with a taste sensation explosion, during an afternoon dedicated to discovering Sicilian wines! Before we start our activity, we will explain the history of viticulture in Sicily and the significant role it has played since ancient times, even before the Greek empire! We can’t discuss Sicily without mentioning its vineyards: they are an integral part of the local culture! The various historical events and the passage of people over time have greatly influenced the development of Sicilian viticulture. The diversity of wines in the Sicilian region is incredible!

This diversity is mainly due to the variety of different grape varieties but also to the Mediterranean climate conditions of Sicily, which are completely different from the continental climate. Indeed, the winters are milder and slightly humid, and the summers are hot and very dry. All these conditions are favorable for the maturing of Sicily’s grapes, and this is why the red wines are finer and more structured, and the white wines are very fresh and flavorful! Our Sicilian Wine Discovery Incentive will take your teams into the heart of a top wine region during your corporate retreat in Sicily! A must-do activity for wine enthusiasts and aperitivo fans! Alongside your colleagues, stroll through the vineyards to admire the endless expanse of vines and the gentleness of the sun and climate, but also to discover the different irrigation techniques used to ensure a good quality grape production. Discover Marsala, this world-renowned wine that has made the Trapani region of Sicily famous! We will then visit a cellar to understand the winemaking process and learn more about wine maturation techniques! Listen to vineyard stories and anecdotes related to the production of this sweet beverage! Admire all those age-old bottles, which sometimes are so dust-covered from many years of maturation that it’s hard to read the year of production label. Finally, the much-awaited moment has arrived, the tasting! For this, we have only two words to say: Pleasure and conviviality!

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