Bike getaway on Favignana en Sicily

Embark on a discovery of one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegadian Islands with a bicycle getaway on Favignana! A unique opportunity to enjoy a moment of disconnect among colleagues during your corporate retreat in Sicily! An incentive in an idyllic setting, where the nature and silence of Favignana Island will amaze you. Favignana Island, also known as Aegusa in Greek, meaning the island of goats, has a long and rich history! Inhabited by various dynasties and empires: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and even Spaniards, this island enjoys a real cultural richness but especially magnificent landscapes that will delight your colleagues! This island is located on the Aegadian Islands stretching along the west coast of Sicily, which are less known than the Aeolian Islands but are ideal for cycling away from tourist frenzy, all in a unique setting surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

As soon as you disembark the boat, you’ll hop on your bikes, put on your helmets, and our bicycle adventure on Favignana begins! The paths are arranged and terraced for this activity, hence the less athletic will find it more comfortable to cycle, especially since the island is relatively flat and won’t make you feel too exerted during this activity! Let’s discover the coastal paths together and take a deep breath of fresh air along the turquoise sea of Favignana Island in Sicily. We’ll start our adventure by exploring the “cala azzurra,” a beach not very easy to access, and which boasts a magnificent sea view. If you wish to cool off, we can find a spot on the rocky beach, and once past the rock bank, dip your feet into the sandy bottom and admire the magnificent turquoise color of the water: A unique and refreshing experience that will surely delight your colleagues! We then continue to discover other secluded small beaches, such as cala rossa, beyond the Punta Marsala lighthouse, on the southeastern tip of the island: A unique panorama will unfold before you! Capture this landscape with a group photo, which, once back in the office, will remind your colleagues of this magical moment shared during your corporate trip in Sicily. After taking in the sights, we’ll hop on our bikes again to head to Cala Rotonda, where you won’t miss admiring one of the most beautiful coves of the Mediterranean. Our bicycle incentive trip on Favignana gently concludes with a gelati break and an aperitivo on Piazza Madrice before the end of your day discovering Favignana Island and your return to the hotel for some well-deserved rest! This incentive activity is perfect for both small and large groups, as it gives everyone the chance to thrive and rejuvenate with nature while also sharing a common memory that will remain engraved in the minds of your teams.

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