Fly to Sicily for a unique corporate retreat

Are you looking to explore new horizons for your corporate retreat?


Sicily, with its mountainous panoramas, its scenic bays, and its warm and charming inhabitants, proves to be an ideal destination to rejuvenate your team’s cohesion.


Dive into the heart of this enchanting island, which is full of beautiful landscapes, and let your team dream. Sicily offers an inspiring and soothing setting, conducive to reflection, creativity, and the strengthening of bonds among colleagues.


A memorable experience awaits your team in this Mediterranean paradise.

Our team building activities for your team travel en Sicily

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Sicily: Everything You Need for a Corporate Retreat

Sicily is the perfect region in Italy for escaping and breaking away from the usual work setting. The unique and incomparable beauty of the region is worth the visit alone. Strengthen your teams and reward them with a sporty and culinary trip in the jewel of Southern Italy. Your work sessions can take place in well-equipped facilities. Your recreational outings, included in our proposal, will add the perfect touch to your stay in Sicilian lands. Before or after a busy schedule, visiting the area is a must, not to forget the tasting of local specialties offered in bistros or within the setting of gourmet restaurants. The city of Taormina, for example, allows you to discover the gourmet treasures of this Italian island.

An Accessible Getaway

All countries in Europe have a unique characteristic. For your corporate retreat in Italy, why not opt for Sicily? It harbors several treasures that are worth discovering during your stay. Among the corporate retreat locations in Italy, Sicily is among the most sought-after. Your work sessions will be followed by the discovery of the city where the Greek empire has left its marks. The remnants of this rich historical past are jealously preserved within dedicated museums. At only about 2h40 by flight from Paris, like for a corporate retreat in Naples or in the Apulia region, Sicily is also chosen for its accessibility and proximity.

Sicily: A Unique Setting in the World

Ranked as the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is full of natural treasures. Organizing a corporate retreat in Sicily also allows your colleagues to enrich their knowledge, discovering the beauty of neighboring countries. After your work sessions, we can organize a hike to discover the hills and mountains, as well as the beautiful beaches not to mention the active volcanoes, including the famous Etna. If Istanbul is prized for its cultural riches, Sicily is also chosen for its natural treasures. This Mediterranean setting, pleasant and warm, is truly appreciated by visitors. A corporate retreat in Sicily is an opportunity to break the daily frenetic pace of your teams.

A Capital of Gastronomy

You must, at all costs, taste the Italian gastronomy during your stay. Famous for its pizzas, fresh pasta, charcuterie, tiramisu, ice cream, and coffee, Italy will also delight your taste buds during the corporate retreat. We have indispensable and traditional addresses to enjoy Italian specialties. Sweetness, charm, discovery, and conviviality will characterize your corporate retreat under the Sicilian sun. Combined with the beauty of the destination, the seriousness of our team and the quality of our service, the variety of activities guarantees the success of your event. Enjoy a total change of scenery with pleasant discoveries on all fronts.

Fly to Sicily for a Unique Corporate Retreat

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