Vespa Tour in Rome

What is the best way to discover the Eternal City during your corporate retreat? We have the answer: a Vespa tour in Rome! You will become true Italians by riding a Vespa, whether it’s for a morning or an afternoon. Simply get on the saddle of a legendary Vespa during your team-building to enjoy Rome in total freedom. You will live a magical and uncommon experience. A little history: the Vespa is a traditional Italian vehicle, introduced in 1946 and designed by Corradino d’Ascanio. On this Vespa tour in Rome, you’ll traverse the streets of the historic center and be able to admire, without worrying about traffic, the city’s most beautiful panoramas, monuments such as the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, baroque squares, churches, or even shopping streets. The routes can also cover and showcase locations of famous films such as “Dolce Vita,” “Roman Holiday,” or “The Great Beauty.” You can choose from various customized itineraries and programs to tailor your visit.

During this several-hour Vespa tour in Rome, you’ll be fortunate to be accompanied by a guide who will tell you the charming story of Rome, its legends, and anecdotes. There will be two of you on the Vespa, allowing you to fully enjoy this ride and share a unique and friendly moment with your colleagues. It’s a team building that combines fun and discovery. Rome is a city full of hidden treasures; it’s up to you to explore them during this team-building, to uncover all its secrets during your corporate trip!

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