Gladiator Olympics in Rome

An Unusual Team Building experience to live in Rome! Embark on an adventure for Gladiator Olympiads in Rome in disguise! They take place in the heart of Rome thus allowing participants to discover the city’s history in a fun and engaging way! The goal of each team is to defeat the rivals and become the king of the Roman empire. The challenges you will face include throwing the Pilum (Roman javelin), agility test between fixed and moving targets, archery, skill test with the sword, translating encrypted messages, and many more! We leave you the choice of challenges, so you can select the ones that appeal to you the most. They are suitable for everyone, no worries. All your colleagues can participate. The winning team will be the one that overcomes all challenges with flying colors.

It is important during a team retreat to implement an activity that will allow the group to share a fun moment, to exert themselves, to put in an effort together, and thereby create a moment of cohesion. We offer you a team-building activity that will meet these criteria, but not only. As it is also important to explore the city of Rome and discover all that it hides. Furthermore, the entire team-building will be centered around the city of Rome, its history, culture, and heritage, thus adapting the challenges to it. you participate in team Olympiads (the number of teams varies according to the number of people attending the corporate trip) on the themes of gladiators. The Gladiator Olympiads in Rome are a team-building activity that enables your team to strengthen its communication, as well as its bonds and also to create memorable memories together. So come and spend a moment of joy, fun, and sharing during your corporate retreat, in a city full of surprises. Will your team come in first, will it manage to overcome all the challenges?

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