The Top Street Foods

Are you in Naples for a corporate retreat? You and your colleagues will be delighted to discover Neapolitan cuisine, but you only have two or three days to enjoy it? Don’t count the calories, in Naples we are generous and above all, we enjoy ourselves! Here is our selection of the 10 best Street food dishes in Naples that you shouldn’t miss:

Pizza Margherita: If there’s one thing you should do upon arriving in Naples, it’s to look for a pizzeria and order the famous Margherita pizza! The “Vera Pizza Napoletana” is a real brand that guarantees the authenticity of the 100% Neapolitan product. So, we take you to the famous via dei Tribunali, where you can taste the best Italian pizzas during your team retreat! Taralli: If you’re looking for a true Neapolitan appetizer, we suggest the famous Taralli: Salted biscuits with almonds and pepper. Meet us at Piazza Bellini, the famous Neapolitan square, where Taralli are enjoyed with a fresh beer or the classic Spritz! Cuoppo: The Cuoppo is a famous fried snack found in the streets of Naples in the form of a cone. For those who love seafood, we have the Cuoppo di Mare, but there is also the Cuoppo di Terra with Crocchè (fried mashed potatoes), Scagliuozzi (fried triangles of cornmeal), Frittatine (fried pasta) and many other delights to discover with your team.

Neapolitan Ragù: Regardless of the season, Sunday in Naples means one thing: ragù! It’s a sauce made with two or three types of meat and needs to cook for hours. That’s why this dish is so tasty and unique. Usually, it’s served with rigatoni pasta. The combination of pasta and sauce results in an enticing dish that pleases everyone! Coffee: Don’t forget the coffee! Neapolitan coffee is a ceremony and a unique moment that you must experience during your offsite in Naples! Enjoy coffee in a special cup, not like the one we’re used to at home or in the office! Here it’s a cup specially designed for drinking the famous Italian espresso! Limoncello: One of the most popular ways to end a good Neapolitan meal is with Limoncello. Although there is some disagreement about its origin, the three places, Sorrento, Amalfi, and Capri, agree that this drink is perfect for any occasion!

Sfogliatella: Taking the shape of a seashell, Sfogliatella is prepared in two different ways. The riccia and the frolla are like two sisters who share the same heart: ricotta flavored with vanilla or cinnamon and candied fruits. But they differ in appearance: the riccia is made of “puff” pastry while the frolla is made of shortcrust pastry. Pastiera Napoletana: Nicknamed the Easter dessert, the “pastiera” is a typical pastry found all year round. This pie made of shortcrust pastry is filled with ricotta, cooked wheat, candied fruits, sugar, and eggs. It also includes flavors of orange blossom or cinnamon. A true taste of celebration in your mouth to try during your corporate trip to Naples! Babà: This cake is one of the symbols of Naples, Italy. Soaked in rum, the baba is a real treat and can be enjoyed at any time! Here, it is often served topped with cream and garnished with fresh fruits or other toppings. This Street Food snack is quickly enjoyed in the streets of Naples! Fiocco di neve: Making its entrance into Neapolitan Street Food in 2015. The Fiocco di neve or snowflake is a donut filled with ricotta, milk, and sugar. The filling is very soft and makes the taste buds of all gourmands salivate!

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