Treasure hunt in Pompeii in Naples

What could be better than adding a fun challenge to a basic cultural activity! For this, our team has prepared the ideal team building activity for your corporate retreat in Naples: A treasure hunt in Pompeii! Pompeii was buried under debris and ash from the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. This tragic event perfectly preserved the archaeological site under tons of volcanic ash for at least 1700 years before being revealed to the world in the mid-18th century and then excavated. A historical discovery that takes us back to the time of the Roman Empire and lets us relive the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Pompeii through the many everyday objects found intact at the site. Discover the historical site in an original way during a team building in Pompeii, a fun activity during which your colleagues will compete in teams in challenges of searching for mythological symbols, hidden secrets among the forums, baths, and frescoes of the archaeological site, and many other challenges!

Thanks to your road book, keep track of the progress of the treasure hunt in Pompeii, and join forces to score as many points as possible. A fun teambuilding activity, which is unanimously popular among participants at corporate retreats in Naples, where everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to their team’s progress during the challenge! Pompeii covers a total area of about 66 hectares, of which 45 have been excavated, the activity takes place over a large part of the site open for visits, so be sure to wear suitable shoes, sunscreen, and of course a hat to avoid sunburn! Reflection and team cohesion are the key words for the success of your treasure hunt in Pompeii.

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