Scuba diving in Gaiola Park in Naples

Do you want to surprise your colleagues by offering them a unique experience during your team retreat in Naples? We offer original activities that will make a difference and surely leave a lasting impression! One activity that will certainly stand out is scuba diving at the submerged Gaiola Park. But first, let us tell you about the submerged Gaiola Park in Naples: Gaiola Park is a marine protected area located along the beautiful Posillipo coast in Naples. This site stretches from the majestic Bay of Trentaremi to the Borgo di Marechiaro. The small islets of Gaiola have long held the secrets of history, myths, and legends that have fueled the reputation of the Naples region. Your nautical incentive naturally starts with a comprehensive briefing by our team of certified instructors on the use of diving equipment and, most importantly, safety.

Once the preparation phase is completed, we set off for a full immersion and a journey through time. The tranquility of marine life allows us to admire the uniqueness of the fusion between the various volcanic, biological, historical, and especially archaeological aspects, all within the setting of one of the most picturesque coastal landscapes in the Mediterranean region. Together we will discover the remains of magnificent seaside villas from a bygone era, admire the majestic limestone caves, fishponds, and water lilies that remain visible along the coast both above and below the sea surface. If we are fortunate enough to still find them after so many years, it’s thanks to a unique volcano-tectonic phenomenon named “bradyseism.” Let’s explore a rich and diverse biological community that has been established in the seabed thanks to marine life, which with extreme complexity linked to the geomorphology of these seabeds and ocean currents, has filled with life what human history has created in this region over the past centuries. This Scuba Diving incentive at Gaiola Park is a unique opportunity to share with your colleagues an enriching experience. We are certain that discovering wonders like the submerged park of Gaiola will create a common memory that will only strengthen relationships among colleagues!

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