Hike on Vesuvius in Naples

Naples is known for its famous volcano Mount Vesuvius. Mount Vesuvius is infamously known for the destruction of the historic city of Pompeii in AD 79. It also contributed to the preservation of the historic site of Pompeii through the ashes that engulfed the city and froze the city in its former state! It is also the only active volcano on the European continent, and one of the attractions that draws and impresses the most visitors to Naples. We propose that you explore this impressive volcano during your corporate retreat in Naples with a trek on Vesuvius amongst colleagues. Lace up your hiking boots, put on a hat and we won’t forget the sunscreen as you embark on your trek! A sporting activity but always at your own pace! Share this unique moment with your co-workers and enjoy the magnificent view that awaits you over the cities of Naples and Pompeii, as well as the stunning Bay of Naples and the blue sea stretching towards the islands of Capri and Ischia.

The expert guides who accompany you during your Incentive in Naples will be pleased to tell you the history of this famous mountain and the traces of volcanic eruptions. Indeed, with professional guidance, you will be able to follow and observe the evolution of studies on the volcano’s activity and its uniqueness compared to other volcanoes. We can also plan during your trek on Mount Vesuvius, a visit to the vineyards and typical cellars of Vesuvius. Do not miss to capture this magical place that enjoys wonderful natural landscapes and breathtaking views. You will also have the opportunity to taste homemade local products during a friendly and traditional lunch shared among colleagues. A pure moment of relaxation where you will enjoy the fresh mountain air, nothing better to clear your mind and enjoy a moment of the gentle Italian sun! Good mood and curiosity will be part of the experience! A unique moment marked by a history rich in twists and turns to share with your co-workers during your stay in Naples.

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