The typical village of Alberobello

In some areas, there are numerous iconic venues that contribute to the fame of the destination. For your corporate retreats, we aim to offer such places to immerse you in the country’s culture. They also ensure a sense of wonder for your team, aligning with the common goal of a corporate retreat. The Apulia region, located in the southeast of Italy, represented by the heel of the boot, boasts an overflowing cultural richness. It is full of little gems that are a must-see. Speaking of gems, the typical village of Alberobello is one. It’s a town unlike any other in the world! A real postcard landscape will unfold before you.

What makes this small village famous are the trullis, traditional little houses. Some of them were built at the end of the 14th century. They are characterized by their rounded shapes, conical stone roofs covered with mysterious symbols and lime. You will be able to see about 1,600 trullis surrounded by flowers in this village. To tell you all, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, another factor that should convince you! Indeed, the trullis are the main attraction of this beautiful village, but not only, you will also find olive groves, vineyards, almond trees, etc. Something to delight everyone!

Various activities can be set up to visit this small village in a fun and original way, such as by bicycle, tuk-tuk, or even, to stay on theme with Italy, in a vintage car. These are different means to explore the land, but all promise playful and exciting moments! This village offers us magical and authentic panoramas. If the typical village of Alberobello interests you and you would like to discover it, our agency would be pleased to guide you and organize your corporate retreat in the fabulous region of Apulia.

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