The secluded villages of Puglia

Discover the Puglia region, a magnificent area in the south of Italy located in the heel of the Italian boot. Puglia, or Apulia as it is known in Italian, is a stretch of sand and pebble creeks along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Its waters, shimmering in stunning clarity, shift between translucent emerald to pastel blue hues under the Mediterranean sun. Puglia has managed to preserve its identity through numerous foreign dominations by the Arabs, Normans, Suebi, and also by the Angevins, Aragonese, and finally the Bourbons. These dominations were owed to its geographical location open to the sea, making Puglia a region of high strategic potential and a pivotal trading platform of the era, thus linking the West and the East. But Puglia is especially renowned for its idyllic landscapes and small villages perched atop hills, which are the stuff of dreams! Let’s explore these hidden villages of Puglia:

Locorotondo, a gem among the trulli! Nestled at the heart of the Trulli region on a circular hill, discover the quaint village of Locorotondo and its picturesque little houses with pointed roofs, found in the most popular photos of Puglia. This secretive village hosts a myriad of adorable narrow streets lined with splendid palaces. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama offered from the church of Saint George the Martyr, from the 16th century. It is one of the most Instagrammable hidden villages of Puglia! Lucera, a medieval Italian gem! Situated on a hill in the northern part of the region, the small village of Lucera is a living testament to a prestigious medieval era. With its 16th-century Angevin Gothic style, this brick-built village has preserved its original state over the years. Historically a Roman capital, Puglia later became a capital of the Angevin kingdom in the 14th century. Explore the magnificent character of the village frozen in time, where Palaces, houses, and churches were built in brick on Basalt pavements. A true journey through time with discoveries of the archaeological museum, a Swabian-Angevin fortress, a Roman amphitheater, and many more testimonies of a glorious past!

Gravina, the troglodyte village of Puglia! Here is one of the most original hidden villages of Puglia! An old mason from the region discovered an impressive network of underground passages weaving under Gravina. Tuff was extracted from the cavities of the area to construct the Medieval town of Gravina. Perched on a hillside of a canyon crossed by an 18th-century aqueduct bridge, Gravina is a magnificent small village resembling a fortress and home to historic monuments worth visiting, such as the 15th-century Cathedral with its beautiful facade and superb decorations. Wander through Gravina’s winding streets and admire the palaces lining the alleys leading you to Saint Michael of the Caves Church, this impressive and original building constructed in a tuff cave in the 9th century. An original experience, albeit not recommended for those who are claustrophobic. Altamura, the medieval city of Puglia, near the border of Alta Murgia National Park, stands Altamura, this small medieval and peasant city with a glorious medieval past. Lose yourself in the charming streets of the village and discover the famous Cathedral of Altamura erected under the will of Emperor Frederick II, and admire its magnificence and Swabian-Angevin inspired facade. Do not miss visiting Altamura if you are looking to discover one of the hidden villages of Puglia!

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