Pasta Challenge à Apulia

Ready to take on the challenges of the team-building Pasta Challenge in Apulia! The Apulia region boasts gastronomical delights that are a must-try. During your corporate retreat, you will have the opportunity to taste various dishes that make Italian cuisine famous. However, it is important to know that this region also has its own signature specialty such as orecchiette. What would Italians do without their pasta? We have prepared a customized team-building experience for you to discover the secrets of making this iconic and flagship product of the region. Become true Italian chefs and embark on handmade Italian pasta making during the Pasta Challenge in Apulia. Rolling & shaping will be part of the experience! You will get to make the famous orecchiettes, a type of pasta shaped like little bowls.

You will enhance your recipe by adding “cime di rapa” to continue with the region’s flagship products. These are green vegetables mainly found in Italy, belonging to the same family as broccoli. A combination that might seem classic, but we assure you it’s worth exploring! In the end, you will also have the pleasure of tasting the “orecchiettes” you have prepared, accompanied by a good glass of Italian wine. The group will be divided into several teams competing for first place. The team that manages to make the most pasta in the allotted time will win the round (a jury will evaluate the quality of the production). The Pasta Challenge in Apulia is fun and it will allow you to interact and share a fun and friendly moment with your team. A culinary team-building that will awaken your taste buds!

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