Northern Lights Hunt in Reykjavik

Embark on a quest for the Northern Lights in Iceland! An exhilarating activity for your team! Iceland is undoubtedly the ideal destination for observing the Northern Lights, with its uninhabited lands and endless winter nights. Its proximity to the Arctic Circle makes it a prime location for all those curious! The Northern Lights are visible for over 8 months a year: from late August to mid-April. If you organize your offsite during this period in Iceland, then there’s a great chance you’ll be able to witness them during your corporate trip (weather permitting). Some might say that the Northern Lights occur all year round, but they are only visible to the naked eye during the dark, clear-sky nights of the winter season. This Northern Lights chase in Reykjavik will take you out of the city to reach the best spots to discover this wonderful natural spectacle. You will be able to admire their wild, swirling dance across the night sky in fantastic shapes and colors. These Northern Lights fascinate us, yet, few know the mechanism of this natural phenomenon. During intense solar eruptions, huge amounts of particles are ejected into space. When these particles enter the Earth’s magnetic field, they are drawn towards an oval zone around the magnetic North Pole, where they interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere – the ozone, oxygen, and other gases protecting the earth. The energy released becomes visible to us, humans, as the Northern Lights. Their appearance and intensity depend on solar activity, and their location depends on the Earth’s magnetic field. This Northern Lights chase in Reykjavik during your team retreat will be an unparalleled experience etched in your memories forever!

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