Relaxation at the Széchenyi thermal baths in Budapest

What could be better than a moment of relaxation and unwinding at the Széchenyi baths after a day of work or to start your trip to Budapest on the right foot. Enjoying considerable renown, the Széchenyi baths opened in 1913 will offer you and your colleagues a unique experience of relaxation at the Széchenyi baths in Budapest. This outdoor spa has become a must-visit for those wanting to fully experience Budapest! The Széchenyi baths are the largest thermal baths in Europe and also the biggest thermal bath complex in the Hungarian capital. The baths are surrounded by many magnificent landmarks in the heart of the city. Your colleagues can choose from 18 indoor thermal water pools with temperatures ranging from 18 to 38° C and 3 outdoor pools with temperatures ranging from 27 to 38°C.

Both in summer and winter, this incentive activity of relaxation at the Széchenyi baths in Budapest is perfectly suited for your stay in Budapest, as you can also enjoy the benefits of very hot water even in freezing temperatures. The building housing the baths is an architectural wonder, and its hall adorned with mosaics will amaze your colleagues and immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and unwinding, an interior space with neo-baroque decoration will impress you. Built by the Romans at the foot of the Buda hills, the baths and their hot water springs have made Budapest the most beautiful spa city in Europe. Our team offers you an afternoon in the largest thermal establishment in Europe. Enjoy the many outdoor and indoor pools at different temperatures, as well as jacuzzis, sauna spaces, and steam baths. This unique experience of relaxation at the Széchenyi baths in Budapest will surely enchant you and leave a lasting impression on all your colleagues.

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