Jeep rally in the backcountry à Santorini

Do you enjoy adventure? If so, come discover exciting uncharted regions during a Jeep rally in the backcountry of Crete. The activity will take place in the south of Crete exploring the hinterlands: 50% on paved roads and 50% on tracks. We will discover unique landscapes: olive fields, vineyards, traditional villages, monasteries, and especially wild landscapes. We will make several stops to taste olive oil, to visit a monastery, for a group photo, and we will go to paradisiacal places, accessible only by 4x4, to take memorable photos and admire the beauty of this unknown part of Crete. Along the way, you will stop to have lunch at a local tavern. You will discover the secrets of local gastronomy. Your taste buds will experience new flavors, which might be unusual for some, but delicious, we assure you!

You will be 4 people per Jeep to enjoy this team-building with your colleagues and share a pleasant moment together during your team retreat. (There will be 1 booklet on board each jeep and 1 bottle of water per person) During this Jeep rally in the backcountry of Crete, a guide, expert in the trails you will visit, will accompany you. He will be there to guide you and teach you more about the places you will encounter throughout the excursion. This is a five-hour activity, so you will have time to explore the hinterlands in complete relaxation. The Jeep rally in the backcountry of Crete is an essential experience that you must undertake during your corporate trip, and it will amaze you!

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