Cruise to Dia Island à Santorini

Crete is an ideal destination for those who dream of sunshine and paradisiacal beaches! But what to do on this sublime island? We suggest a cruise to the island of Dia in Crete, an uninhabited island off the north coast. A pure wonder! It’s a must during a corporate retreat in Crete. According to mythology, the island owes its name to Dias, otherwise known as Zeus, its creator. In 1972, Commander Cousteau and his team discovered, following underwater research, the ruins of an ancient port and, in the maritime area between Heraklion and Dia, the wreck of the French ship “La Thérèse”. There are remnants from the Minoan era. The Minoan civilization is an ancient civilization that developed on the islands of Crete from 2700 to 1200 BC. Relics and legends are at the heart of the island of Dia.

It is the largest island located off the coast of Crete. Its seabed is of great ecological and archaeological interest due to the large number of underwater discoveries made. During this sailing trip, you will have the opportunity to explore the seabed, whether by snorkeling or with diving gear. It is possible to organize mini team challenges. You will go on a cruise to the island of Dia in Crete aboard sailboats, making a stop at one of the island’s deserted coves for a swim. During your day, a lunch break will be provided. (full menu and unlimited drinks, beer, wine, mineral water, soft drinks.) The watchword during this activity is “relaxation”. Let yourself be carried away during this cruise to the island of Dia in Crete and take the time to explore the marine world and the rich landscapes of this island.

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