Give ice driving a try!

Come enjoy a corporate retreat in one of the most beautiful high-mountain resorts, the Alps. Experience an unprecedented mountain adventure! Don’t miss one of the region’s flagship activities, ice driving! Attend driving courses with your colleagues on a closed circuit. A personal instructor will guide you to ensure optimal learning.

The ice driving session will begin with a comprehensive briefing by the supervising pilot. You will take a full tour of the circuit and the vehicles. Several models are at your disposal. In a buggy, Audi, Nissan, or Subaru, drive these powerful cars, specially equipped for this type of track. Your instructor will explain some concepts about grip, weight transfer, tires, and techniques specific to ice driving. Once the demonstration is over, take the wheel and experience ice driving, which guarantees strong sensations! You will learn to maintain vehicle control as well as manage skidding, not to mention the basic techniques of oversteering and understeering.

There are several circuits in the Alps suitable for this type of driving. Depending on your level, choose a more technical circuit, with many turns, or a longer circuit for beginners to experience ice-driving sensations. Accessible to everyone, it’s an essential experience during your corporate retreat. Try ice driving in the Alps, a unique activity that provides thrills and will leave a lasting impression on your team!

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