Dog Sledding Getaway à The Alps

The Alps are one of the top high-mountain resorts in France. The Alpine resort offers a multitude of activities that we can schedule during your corporate retreat. In search of fresh air, you will be seated behind a dog sled team made up of magnificent Huskies and Malamuts for a ride. The dog sledding adventure is a must-try, magical, and unforgettable experience, that you cannot let your colleagues miss! Come and try this unusual activity, become a musher for a ride and rediscover the beauty of the snowy nature. Be enchanted by the tranquility and by the incredible landscapes during your immersive experience of a dog sledding escape. This activity full of sensations guarantees sharing and cohesion, fostering the development of bonds among your employees. Ideal for your corporate retreat, this dog sledding escape will be memorable!

The guides will share anecdotes about the mountains, some legends, and even the origin and history of dog sledding in the area. You will start by getting acquainted with the eager Nordic dogs, then attend a safety briefing. Afterward, you will be able to comfortably settle into the sled and enjoy this magnificent ride. Accompanied by professionals, you will discover breathtaking landscapes, pulled by a pack of affectionate and playful wolf dogs. Each participant drives their own sled. What are you waiting for? Come enjoy the mountain tranquility and its snowy nature during a dog sledding escape with your colleagues!

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