Where to eat the best flammekueche?

Strasbourg, an iconic city of Alsace, is full of treasures that are a must-see. The tarte flambée, more commonly known as Flammekueche, is one of them! During your corporate retreat in Strasbourg, tasting this Alsatian culinary specialty is essential! But, what is “Flammekueche”? It’s a dish made of thin rectangular bread dough, topped with crème fraîche, quark, bacon, onion rings, salt, and pepper. For a bit of history, the origins of this tarte flambée date back to around the 18th century. It originated from the Kochersberg region where farmers used to bake their breads in wood-fired ovens. The leftover dough was then used to make what would later become the famous Flammekueche, which means “tarte flambée” in English. It all makes sense now!

In the Alsatian capital, there are many restaurants that offer this culinary specialty. We have several addresses for you to enjoy the best Flammekueche in Strasbourg. These establishments highlight the dish by cooking it in the respect of traditions with quality products:

  • Les Binchstubs, these are restaurants that offer surprising and balanced revised tarts made with seasonal ingredients. But don’t worry, you will also find the original Flammekueche for purists.
  • Le Tigre, a brewery that cooks excellent Flammekueches on a wood fire, in a place that represents Alsace 100%. This restaurant suggests pairing this dish with excellent beers brewed in-house. You will not be disappointed!
  • Mama Bubbele, here you will find one of the best Flammekueches in town, cooked with organic products. The establishment offers 15 variations of tarte flambée to satisfy all food lovers.
  • Le Marché de Noël, a cult event in the region with its array of culinary stands. You can stop at some of them to enjoy delicious Flammekueches.

The flammekueche is a simple and rustic dish to share during a convivial and gourmet moment with colleagues. You can even pair it with an excellent regional beer! To taste this traditional and succulent dish from Strasbourg, we invite you to contact our agency, Seminaire.com. We will recommend the best addresses for your corporate retreat!

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