The Strasbourg Carnival

The Strasbourg Carnival is an indispensable cultural event of the city. It attracts tens of thousands of people every year. It heralds the arrival of spring. Every year in March, the streets of Strasbourg are flooded with floats, dancers, musicians, and other costumed characters. The Strasbourg Carnival is a festive and fun break in time. It is a participatory event suitable for both young and old. Most often, a theme is given each year, so bands, majorettes, flag throwers, actors, dancers, and especially floats roam the streets of Strasbourg to music and confetti in the colors of the theme.

To witness this magnificent spectacle, you just need to position yourself along the route of this parade. You will witness the vibrancy of the Carnival. The route of this parade traces the iconic places and squares of Strasbourg. It passes by the Place d’Austerlitz, the Place de Zurich, the Gutenberg Square, the Place de l’Étoile, and even the famous Place Kléber. Moreover, what is interesting is that the entire city is immersed in this adventurous world, as several events are offered in the European capital like, carnival evenings, costume balls and many others. Along this route, you will find stands to refresh yourself with numerous Alsatian specialties. All as delicious as the next! The Strasbourg Carnival is waiting for you and your colleagues. The celebration is in full swing all weekend, it would be a shame to miss it! Do not wait any longer and contact our agency to organize your corporate retreat in Strasbourg.

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