Strasbourg's oldest restaurant

You’re coming to Strasbourg to sample Alsatian cuisine. Why not do so in one of the oldest restaurants in the European capital. It’s one of the most beautiful brasseries in the world, the famous Maison Kammerzell in Strasbourg, located just steps from the amazing Strasbourg Cathedral, an iconic monument of the region. Take a moment to behold this true symbol of Strasbourg, founded in 1427, and discover how the grandeur of the past blends with a gastronomic tradition that’s either rediscovered or reinvented, featuring on the menu: The Famous Fish Sauerkraut, created by Guy-Pierre Baumann in 1970 The Strasbourg Sauerkraut with its 8 varieties of meats and sausages. Scallops seared in olive oil The Chicken Fricassee “Coq au Riesling” style The Famous Kammerzell with two chocolates

You will find typically Alsatian cuisine here, of quality and homemade. The dishes will amaze your taste buds with the flavors they offer. On the menu, an incredible onion tart, excellent foie gras, snails cooked in butter and parsley, as well as sauerkraut. You will not find better sauerkraut than in this restaurant, we assure you?! Don’t forget that the traditional sauerkraut is one of the culinary specialties of Strasbourg. Maison Kammerzell in Strasbourg is a lively place to spend a great time with colleagues around a large table, accompanied by succulent dishes in a warm atmosphere.

This is a must-visit restaurant in the city. It is considered “the most beautiful house in Strasbourg”. Its architecture is unique and showcases the various facets of regional art through the centuries. Maison Kammerzell in Strasbourg features wood sculptures, mural frescoes, spiral staircases, and also 75 stained glass windows that light up the interior of the rooms in a warm and unique manner. These details testify to the richness of the past that inhabits this magical place. If you want to introduce your team to Strasbourg in the best way, this is the place to go, and for more addresses, we invite you to contact us directly :-)

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