Treasure hunt à Strasbourg

Looking for a fun way to explore Strasbourg with your team during your corporate retreat. We offer a treasure hunt in Strasbourg! An ideal team-building activity to strengthen your team’s bond. We assure you, it’s the best way to discover this charming city while having fun. Each team will be given a touchscreen tablet. This will allow you to access the instructions to follow, as well as the route to take. For each successful challenge, a clue will be transferred to your tablet to help you move on to the next step. Take the opportunity to take photos of the sites, your colleagues, the culinary specialties… They will be handed to you at the end of the team-building.

Several challenges await you along the way to retrieve your key clues to find the treasure. Such as, solving puzzles, logic challenges, skill, teamwork, trust, photo challenges, …etc. A fun way to entertain you! You might discover your inner pirate spirit. Our facilitators will meet you at each checkpoint to assist you and transfer the clues to your tablet. Thus, each step of this treasure hunt in the city of Strasbourg will guide you to the final treasure. Face each challenge with confidence and win the treasure of Strasbourg! During this treasure hunt in Strasbourg, you will visit places that make this city famous, such as the Petite France, a picturesque and very charming neighborhood, the German Imperial district, the Neustadt, but also the unmissable Strasbourg Cathedral. Hard to miss, it is at the heart of the city. This treasure hunt in Strasbourg will help your team to strengthen bonds and to build trust and teamwork with a touch of fun and laughter. We are just waiting for you to uncover all the mysteries of this city during your corporate retreat!

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