Organization of corporate retreats and team building in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, an iconic city in Alsace, holds treasures that are a must-experience. This gem of the Alsace region presents a unique setting that combines European modernity with traditional culture.


Strasbourg is one of those cities that reveals a significant part of France’s history, which has allowed it to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


It’s hard to visit Strasbourg without being charmed by this exceptional city, so why not make it the location for your next corporate retreat?


Strasbourg offers a captivating mix of heritage, friendliness, and modernity, ensuring an unforgettable professional experience.

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Strasbourg, an Ideal Destination for Your Corporate Retreat

Strasbourg is a rich city where you can engage in a wide variety of activities. Regardless of your team’s preferences for entertainment, you will indeed find the activity that suits everyone.

Among the interesting activities to do as a team, the essential bike ride through the city streets is worth mentioning. Indeed, Strasbourg is considered the “French capital of cycling.” According to statistics, nearly 16% of Strasbourg’s population commutes by bicycle, placing the city fourth globally in terms of bike-friendliness.

Also, take advantage of this bike ride to take your team to the city’s emblematic sites. Make a stop at the must-visit tourist sites that make the capital of Alsace famous. You can start with a tour of the city’s museums. Among them, particularly noteworthy are the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Historical Museum, the Alsatian Museum, and the Zoological Museum of Strasbourg.

After the museum visits, enjoy a well-deserved break in front of the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg. You will have the opportunity to admire the fabulous architectural details that adorn its façade, and discover the masterpiece of precision that is the astronomical clock inside.

If you are organizing an offsite in December, do not miss the famous Strasbourg Christmas Market. With more than 300 different merchants, you can take the opportunity to purchase various items like Christmas decorations or local products. Also admire the work that the local residents have done to infuse the city with the Christmas spirit. With the grandiose illuminations, decorations of facades and houses, and the smell of typical Christmas dishes, you will easily immerse in the festive atmosphere of the region.

Finally, take advantage of this corporate trip to taste Alsatian gastronomy. To do this, honor the traditional sauerkraut, which is one of Strasbourg’s culinary specialties. It is said by the locals that the sauerkraut tastes best when accompanied by a local beer, like that produced by Perle brewery. Finally, for wine lovers, make a visit to the historic wine cellar of the Hospices of Strasbourg to find exceptional wine bottles.

The Best Places in Strasbourg

There is no shortage of places to visit in Strasbourg, feel free to explore the alleyways of the city center. Don’t miss La Petite France, this little Venice of the North. Its canals, narrow streets, and the friendliness of its residents make it one of the most attractive places in Strasbourg. Formerly, it was home to fishermen, tanners, and millers. Today, you will have the opportunity to admire the well-preserved half-timbered houses.

Team Retreat in Strasbourg, Enjoy the Unique Places and Settings

To ensure the success of your team retreat in Strasbourg, contact our agency to entrust us with the organization of your event. Between culinary discoveries, exciting activities, and visits to historical sites, we will prepare an Alsatian program that meets your expectations.

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