In the land of Calvados en Normandy

In 2014, the idea of an innovative and astonishing museum project was born, revealing the secrets of Calvados production through an experiential tour, both historical and educational. This museum is situated inside the premises of the distillery, in the hangar where the path of the nectar bottles ends. A year later, the facilities of Père Magloire moved to Reux into a larger space capable of storing over 5 million bottles, thereby providing all the necessary space for this fabulous project to come to fruition. Participate in an original activity in the land of Calvados during your corporate retreat! In the heart of Normandy, on the site of the oldest Calvados House, impress your colleagues with this unprecedented activity. Awarded a Silver Medal at the “International Spirit Challenge” Tourism category, the museum ranks among the most beautiful distillery tours in the world. “In the land of Calvados” is a multisensorial immersion waiting just for you. A journey through the centuries, from your Viking ancestors to the present day! Sound, visual, sensory, and olfactory effects are all part of providing a unique experience to each visitor. Through 7 rooms with astonishing and unexpected decors, discover through many special effects the alchemy of the apple. Witness and attend the mysterious transformation of the apple into Calvados, from the orchards of the region to international success. An unforgettable journey, from the magnificent Norman orchards to the pleasure of tasting. Enjoy an exclusive selection, take advantage of exceptional blends, the fruit of the finest creations of the Master Cellarmen. Fall in love with this region! This unique experience in France reaches its peak during the tasting. You will have the rare opportunity to enjoy the largest collection of Calvados ever offered. Indeed, a bar area concludes the visit, in the presence of a guide-expert, teaching the art of tasting in three phases: the eye, the nose, the palate. Become an expert in the land of Calvados during your corporate trip!

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