Gourmet Getaway on an E-Solex en Normandy

The gourmet getaway on an E-Solex in Normandy will allow you to combine pleasures by riding a Solex through the unique landscapes of the region. With your nose to the handlebars, enjoy the mild Norman climate and live a vintage immersive experience with your colleagues during your corporate retreat. Designed by the Italian firm Pininfarina, the E-Solex has made a significant mark in the history of mopeds. Immerse yourself in the past and take pleasure in driving this unusual vehicle during this gourmet getaway on an E-Solex in Normandy. After receiving all the instructions, the adventure begins! Follow the itinerary indicated in your roadbook and enjoy an enriching ride through a wide variety of landscapes, such as the city, the seafront, and the countryside. This gourmet getaway on an E-Solex in Normandy offers various stages: playful, sporty, gastronomic… You will have the chance to taste oysters, participate in a traditional butter-making workshop, enjoy a gourmet break on the beach, reconnect your colleagues with quizzes and/or visits and much more!

More than a legendary moped, it is also an eco-energetic mode of transportation that allows you to combine the CSR spirit with your company offsite. At the handlebars of your electric Solex, limited to 25 km/hour, rediscover the taste of freedom from the sixties and appreciate the richness of the places visited. This emblem guarantees you an unusual team building activity and unheard-of discoveries. With this gourmet getaway on an E-Solex in Normandy, group cohesion and team spirit will make a difference! Don’t miss this team building activity during your corporate trip in Normandy.

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