Beach games en Normandy

If you’re looking for an original activity that will impress your colleagues, look no further! Fine sand, endless sea, team sports… We offer Beach games in Deauville in a pleasant setting! The group is divided into several teams that will participate in a fun competition on the beach. A rotation system adapted to the size of your group and the chosen activities will ensure the smooth running of your afternoon. Upon your arrival, the facilitators will explain the rules of these Beach games in Deauville! Various workshops between land and sea will be set up for an exclusive team building event: Stand up paddle, sea kayaks, Beach soccer, Beach volleyball, sandcastle contests, human table football, tug of war, and other challenges… At the end of this activity, the winning team will be rewarded for its ability to motivate, communicate, and support each other! 100% customizable.

You can create the corporate event that best represents you by choosing the land and/or nautical activities to your liking. Depending on your desires and the intensity you wish to give to your corporate trip, you can opt for more playful or more sporty activities! This outdoor team building gives your teams the chance to breathe in a majestic setting. This team building activity is also a fabulous springboard for creating or developing team spirit, cohesion, and a friendly atmosphere within your company. In case of bad weather, we offer an indoor Plan B to guarantee your corporate event. Enjoy a pleasant moment of support and fun among colleagues during this half-day of Beach games in Deauville!

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